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  • Hoggy Early Learning Programme Nursery to Class 2

Who are we?

We are a passionate group of IIT Roorkee(2015) alumni,
working in the early education(K-5) sector for last 3 years.

Based out of Gurgaon, we have a team of experienced IB/CBSE curriculum content developers & Teachers, who help us to provide young moms like you with relevant content,
to help you teach your kid at home a bit more easily.

What we provide?

Fun Learning Content
for Nursery to Class 2 Kids

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How to Join?

We have Class specific Whatsapp groups,
with new batches starting every Monday.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What subjects are available?

Currently we have content only for English.

We are working on introducing other content like Maths, Hindi etc soon. Will update our members when it is ready.

Can I see some sample worksheets?

We would suggest to join the 1 week paid trial, we start a new batch every week.
The charges are kept nominally @Rs. 99 only. This helps us to keep non-serious users, spammers away.

This 1-week period allows you to comprehensively evaluate the suitability of the content for your kid, sharing one or two sheets might not be the best way to judge the effectiveness. You can join more than 1 group to see which class' content is appropriate based on the learning level of the kid.

Is it an online class?

Currently No.
It's not an online class. We share Curated Videos+Worksheet Content in our whatsapp groups for the benefit of our members.

My kid is 'x' years old. Which class group would be appropriate for me?

Each kid learns and evolves at a different pace. There is no fixed age for a particular class.

You can join the 1 week paid trial, and check content from multiple class groups. At the end of the week, you can choose the one which you find most appropriate for your kid.

I have purchased the subscription. What now?

You don't need to do anything now. If you have provided your phone no. during purchase, we will add you to the latest batch starting each Monday. Please do note that the the cut-off time(for purchase) is Friday 10 PM every week, to be eligible to be added to the group on following Monday. If you purchase on as Saturday, you will not be added to the group on immediate Monday, but the one after it.

I didn't provide my phone no. during purchase, but used my email. What to do?

No need to worry.
We reach out to all people who have provided their email, on the same mail ID on Saturday, for their whatsapp phone no.'s.
Please do check your mail. Or you can reach us out on mail/whatsapp with the request.

I have not been added yet on Monday as scheduled. What to do?

While we try our best, we do sometimes make mistakes and you might have been left out inadvertently. Please dron't worry. Just drop us an email or whatsapp message. We will add you .

Why I am not getting a response on Whatsapp?

Due to the volume of messages received on whatsapp, and whatsapp's limitations(only one executive can respond at a time) it is possible that there might be extraordinary delay sometimes in response. But WE DO RESPOND TO ALL messages, in the sequence that we receive them-older to new. You don't need to worry.

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