Does your Kid's Toy talk to them? Get a Hoggy Now!!

Talk . Learn . Play

What is Hoggy?

Hoggy is a Smart, Conversational, Edutainment Toy developed by Litifer for 4-10 Year old Kids- to ignite the spark of curiosity  & creativity in every child.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it talks to a kid like a human, can make small conversations and answers all curious questions of your little genius.

Why Hoggy?

30 Million Word Gap
Harvard  University Research by Prof. Meredith Rowe showed a difference of 30 Million Words - between words spoken by 0-10 year old Kids who grow up to become successful with high IQ & EQ, and other kids.

High Screen-time
Kids today spend on avg. 6 hours with Screens- TV, Mobile, Laptop, Tablets, etc.
Bring them away from screens using Hoggy- let them have fun while they learn.

Enhancing Curiosity

Ask Anything - No Question is stupid for Hoggy. Kids learn with fun.

30 Million Word Gap

"Cognitively defined conversations are key to Mental Growth, as provided in Hoggy."
(Acc. to Harvard University Research)

Boosting Creativity

Draw any kind of faces for Hoggy depending on your Mood, using dry erasable pens provided in box. Let the Kid's creativity fly.

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What can Hoggy do?

  • Talk

    Hoggy has a brain powered by Artificial Intelligence. It can talk to the kid just like a normal person. 

  • Play

    Hoggy can tell cool stories, jokes, and play games with the Kid. 

  • Learn

    Hoggy helps your kid in thier homework. It knows Maths, it knows Science, It knows English. It helps your kid speak better, faster.


What languages can Hoggy speak?

Currently Hoggy supports only English language. We will be adding Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Punjabi soon in a few months.

Is Cash on Delivery available for Hoggy?

Yes. You can order Hoggy across India with CoD. It is usually delivered within 2-5 days.

What is the appropriate age of Kids for Hoggy?

Hoggy is best suited for 2-10 year old kids. It learns, adapts & grows with your kid's age. And don't worry, it can talk to you too!

What do I need to use Hoggy?

Hoggy depends on the mobile for it's smartness. You need to download Hoggy app from Google Playstore on your android device. Keep the mobile within 30 feet range of Hoggy for the best experience.
iOS support coming soon.

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