Does your Kid's Toy talk to them? Get a Hoggy Now!!

Hoggy Features

  • Voice based Interaction: Hoggy talks & interacts with your Kid just like it's friend.

  • Learning: Ask it Maths Questions, Ask it English Questions, Ask it Science Questions. Hoggy provides answer to your Kid's queries.

  • Entertainment: Play around and have fun with Hoggy by asking it random questions.

  • Continuous Updates: Your product gets continuous updates for years through the Hoggy App in your phone. New Educational Content & Product improvements are made available to users so that your Hoggy remains new forever.

  • DIY: Let your Kid's imagination fly with DIY faces on Hoggy. Use our Sketch Pens or Paint Brush to draw your own mood face on the Hoggy anytime you want, and change it as your mood changes.