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Reached out for capital, received much more | 100x

While starting Litifer, one of the major mental shifts Vivek, Chandan, and I faced is a lack of prescription. Before this, everything was defined & guided by teachers or managers. The number of decisions we made daily increased multifold. Hiring, development, UX, Sales, Marketing, Content Writing, Investors, Legal the list is endless. Though we thrive on making quick mistakes & improving, many times mistakes can be avoided with guidance. In the introductory class by Sanjay, he asked each of us to list down questions we have & then answered all. It seemed he understood, we founders need guidance to escape some avoidable mistakes.

Finishing School: 2 weeks of Knowledge Rush

When we went to Bombay for the finishing school, we believed we’ll have a Pitch day & come back. But the experience was the best yet in our startup journey. For 14 days we worked from 8 in the morning to midnight & it didn’t feel like work. Every query was answered within minutes. Key decisions that used to take weeks to experiment & conclude, were resolved immediately because of the vast startup experience of the 100x team. They have seen 100+ startups journey & wisdom shared with us felt like we’re back in college. If only we’d worked so hard there too.

The 100x team understood startup doesn’t just mean product & investment but unlimited decisions in between them. Best of the best gave us masterclasses on all aspects from legal to user testing to growth. And most importantly masterclasses by many many accomplished founders. They shared their insights on raising funds, building teams, navigating tough times. It worked like a placebo & we all were brimmed with confidence & raring to go. Once we had to discuss a change in product positioning, Ninad & Hershel came to the office at 7 am, despite leaving the office at midnight the previous day. The overall environment was enthusiastic. Though one can’t be trained to do a startup, we were guided very well to escape many mistakes.

Post Pitch Day : Just a Phone Call away

A casual conversation usually turns into investor connects, new business opportunities & more. Sanjay was once in Delhi and had a very busy day, even then met all 100x teams at 12 midnight, while he had an early morning speech to make. Even a 10 min chat with him pumps us with motivation & energy. Pre lockdown I was in Bombay & went to the 100X office. A chit chat turned into an investor connect opportunity. The next day there was a pre-booked exclusive investor connect event. Shashank sneaked me into that event at the last moment, which turned out to be very fruitful for us. The sheer amount of investors we’ve been introduced to is immense.

Unexpected Lockdown: Working harder than before

When lockdown happened, investors were reluctant in writing checks. Even then, Global Pitch Day was organised. 100x team has made more effort than they promised. From mistakes in excel sheets to closing investor round, I can’t count how many times Yagnesh has guided us. Recently I made a big mistake on a social platform, Vatsal immediately called to inform me. In half an hour, I got messages from the whole 100x team. Such is their response time.

The best part of the journey has been the community. I’ve now many friends who’re going through the same journey. Amongst the 40–50 odd people, everyone with the expertise of their own. It’s an extended team just a phone call away. When we decided to be part of 100x class 1, we had an option to take money from a few angel investors. I’m glad we made this decision. How we’ll grow further will be distinctly impacted by our experience during the program.

We make superhero AI friends for kids to make learning engaging & fun. I’m at kk@litifer.com, always happy to connect & chat.

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com. by Kishlay Kishore


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